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Space force season 2 air date

Over the course of the series, we see his best attempt at doing just that, but things take a dark turn in the final episode which has left fans speculating on whether the show will continue.

Space Force - Official Trailer - Netflix

Netflix is yet to confirm whether Space Force will be returning for a second season, but we would say it stands a good chance at renewal. For General Naird, I always want to look for some new opportunities for him — and the odder and more surreal, the better to see how he might deal with some of the stresses and strains of his job.

What other odd, quirky ways of dealing with his life are we going to see? Season one of Space Force ended with a shocking cliffhanger that saw the lives of every astronaut on the moon plunged into mortal danger. The Space Force astronauts reluctantly followed orders and destroyed the Chinese moon base, unaware that their rivals had hatched a similar plan, destroying their own living habitat.

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space force season 2 air date

For more information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy. As a result, both the Americans and the Chinese are now stranded on the moon with nowhere to live and little hope of survival — unless General Naird can swoop in and arrange a last minute rescue. Needless to say, season two has a big mess to clear up.

We have a feeling that Naird will do the honourable thing and return to help the astronauts who desperately need him, but how will he possibly be able to save him? If Naird can lead a successful mission, it may be enough to get him out of hot water with his superiors, after he disobeyed their direct orders in the season one finale….

Their professional partnership is the beating heart of the show and it will take their combined skills and strategies to rescue the seemingly doomed astronauts. Speaking of, expect to see more of Tawny Newsome as Captain Angela Ali, who will need to be a strong leader for her inexperienced team, keeping them united in the face of huge uncertainty.

Egocentric social media whizz Tony Scarapiducci deserves to be fired for failing to do a background check on the Space Force astronauts, thus allowing a dangerous criminal on board the ship.

Although, perhaps there could be an episode dealing with his loss in a potential season two…. Space Force is streaming now on Netflix — check out our lists of the best TV shows on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix. Get Netflix and on demand news and recommendations direct to your inbox Sign up to receive our newsletter!

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Latest news.Here's what viewers can expect from Space Force season 2, including its renewal status, a potential release date, and story details. Space Force is a spoof on the real-life military branch formed in late He and his team run the base with the mission of getting "boots on the moon" per the goals of the President. Whereas most of the President's administration sees the Space Force as a purely military operation, members of Mark's team see opportunities in scientific research, causing much tension.

The competition from other countries making advancements in space also complicates matters. The plans for Space Force was first announced by Netflix in January Fans were excited to learn that Daniels and Carell were reuniting once again. Both men have been busy as of late with Carell's return to a leading role in 's The Morning Show and Daniels' work on Amazon's Upload. Space Force features a stellar cast alongside Carell and fans will be eager to see if it gets a follow-up season.

Here's what viewers can expect if Netflix gives the green light. As of May 29,Netflix hasn't announced any plans in terms of renewing Space Force for season 2. Typically, the streaming giant waits for about a month or two before publicizing plans for renewal.

Considering the debut season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, it seems likely that Daniels and Carell have plans to expand Space Force 's story. That said, the comedy is only get mixed to average reviews from critics, so Netflix could wait and see if viewers feel differently. The cast alone might warrant a renewal since the headliners are a major selling point. Space Force debuted in Mayso if it does get a second season, Netflix may want to keep it as a late spring or early summer release.

The series only spent four months filming, which indicates that the series could have a quick turnaround time. The current coronavirus delays and shutdowns could cause a few issues when it comes to development. In that case, season 2 could aim for a late summer premiere.

After the Chinese base ran over the American flag on the moon, the President's administration wanted retaliation. Rather than put the other base in danger, Mark defied orders by not ordering an attack from his team on the moon. Mark then escaped the base to save his daughter where he reunited with his family. While in the helicopter, he had the choice of flying somewhere safe or to return to the base to assist his team who was now in danger on the moon. If he came back, he would be court-martialed, but before he made the choice, the season ended.

Season 2 would surely pick up where the finale left off. It seems unlikely that he would abandon his team on the moon, so he will probably return and accept whatever consequences come his way. If that occurs, Mark will need to make key choices that will change the minds of the administration so he can retain his job. Kara Hedash is a features writer for Screen Rant. From time to time, she dives into the world's most popular franchises but Kara primarily focuses on evergreen topics.

The fact that she gets to write about The Office regularly is like a dream come true. After graduating college, writing began as a part-time hobby for Kara but it quickly turned into a career. She loves binging a new series and watching movies ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to hidden indie gems.

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She also has a soft spot for horror ever since she started watching it at too young of an age.Well, all of that "plotting" certainly hasn't been a waste of time because it has been confirmed that the comedy will be back for season twoas reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Season one landed at the end of Maybut with You Know What still hanging over both TV and movie productions, it's tricky to predict when we'll be able to watch the next batch of episodes.

All we know at this moment in time is production will kick off this year, but that doesn't necessarily mean season two will air in It wouldn't be the show it is without Steve Carell as Mark Naird, so he will obviously be back. Chatting to Collider about comparisons made between the general and one of Daniels' other creations, The Office's Michael Scott, he said: "He's so different from Michael Scott. He's almost an opposite, I would say, of Michael Scott.

Mark Naird is all about being a great leader and a person of integrity, and if he has a character flaw it's inflexibility. Daniels echoed that in an interview with Variety : "This guy is super mature. He's very accomplished and decorated. He's very smart. He's very principled and a super-high achiever. Fred Willard, who played Mark's father Fred, sadly passed away, so that rules him out of future appearances.

And it should be noted that Norm Hiscock, whose credits include Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreationhas joined as co-showrunner alongside Daniels. Plus, Jimmy O Yang is joining the writing team.

General Mark Naird and his space crew were in quite a pickle at the end of season two. After Angela and her team had rendered the Chinese moon base inoperable, they also discovered that the same had been done to them. Plus, Naird had essentially been ousted from his job, with Grabaston taking over proceedings. But the four-star general didn't stick around long enough to catch all of the action in the control room, instead scooting off to rescue his daughter, Erin, in the helicopter.

His wife Maggie also escaped from prison to do the same, along with her new girlfriend. We broke down the season one ending and discussed how it sets up season two, because we're nice like that. Read it here. Trailers usually land in the month leading up to the premiere, so once we know that, we'll have a better idea.

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Sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox — and don't forget to join our Watch This Facebook Group for daily TV recommendations and discussions with other readers. Type keyword s to search.Space Force is a workplace comedy - drama series that centers on a group of people tasked with establishing the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forcesthe United States Space Force.

On January 16,it was announced that Netflix had given the production a series order for a ten-episode first season. Alongside the initial series order announcement, it was confirmed that Carell would star in the series. YangAlex Sparrow and Don Lake as recurring cast. Clair joined the cast in recurring roles.

The series features the last television performance by Willard, who died on May 15,[23] two weeks before the show's release. Principal photography for the first season commenced in Los Angeles, California, on September 26,and ended on January 10, On May 5,a teaser trailer for the series was released. At their Q2 report meeting in JulyNetflix reported the series had been viewed by about 40 million households since its release. The site's critics consensus reads: "An all-star cast and blockbuster-worthy special effects aren't enough to keep Space Force ' s uneven blend of earnestness and satire from spinning quickly out of comedic orbit.

Ten episodes later, it's safer to say that Space Force is really just okay. The Guardian gave the first season of the series only 2 out of 5 saying, "Above all, despite occasional laughs to be gleaned from the twist that Malkovich can give the most unpromising of lines, Space Force is not funny, which makes it hard to class as a comedy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American television series. Steve Carell Greg Daniels. David Rogers Susan Vaill.

space force season 2 air date

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The streaming service has continually been coming out with major bangers during quarantine, like Sweet Magnolias and Too Hot to Handle. Yang, and more. And although it's early days, fans are already wondering whether Space Force will get a second two. The show follows Mark Naird Steve Carella four-star general who finds himself leading the newly created sixth branch of the U. Armed Forces, the Space Force, as they take on the challenge of making sure the United States lands on the moon once again.

It's written by a former Office showrunner, so it has its fair share of jokes and is getting a lot of buzz. Here's what we know so far about what could come next, and we'll keep the post updated when we officially hear more. No plot spoilers in this post, so you're all in the clear for takeoff! I'll see myself out. All right, so this is one of those "do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?

I'll start with the bad news, because sometimes you just have to rip the bandaid off. The bad news: Netflix hasn't given the green light yet for a second season, probably because it's too soon for the streaming service to tell whether it's a hit with viewers.

space force season 2 air date

Usually, Netflix waits at least a few weeks after release to confirm or deny a new show a subsequent season. The good news: The show's creators have some tricks up their sleeves. Co-creator of the show, Greg Daniels, spoke to Digital Spy about what future episodes of the show could look like.

Netflix orders 'Space Force' season 2 at an awkward moment

He said, "Technically, it's a wait and see. We have some writers already plotting out what we're going to do just so that we don't waste any time. Carell himself was asked if any future plotlines would intertwine with everything going on in the real world. He said to Entertainment Weekly"If we do come back for another season, we're thinking about plot lines and where we'd g: from there.Spoiler warning: the following story contains spoilers for the first season of Netflix's new comedy series, Space Force.

Stop reading here if you haven't seen the show or don't want to have anything spoiled. Netflix has pulled together some big time comedy casts through the years. Master of None has Aziz Ansari.

So, when we say that Space Force, the streaming giant's newest original comedy series, has it's greatest cast ever, we're not saying that lightly. Yang, Diana Silvers, and Lisa Kudrow among many, many others on board, it's not a hard argument to make.

Unfortunately, the show takes a little bit of time to hit the highs that its epic cast suggests. The consensus seems to be that while the cast—particularly Carell and Malkovich—shine in their roles and show some great chemistry, the show itself doesn't seem to really know exactly what kind of show it wants to be. That, and the unfortunate fact that the jokes don't land all that often.

Still, though, for a show of this nature to need some time to find its footing isn't particularly out of the ordinary. The Office which, of course, also starred Carell and Parks and Recreation both had a fairly lackluster first seasons before the teams behind the shows reworked a few structural things, character traits, and show dynamics—turning those shows into bonafide hits.

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By the end of the first season of Space Force, the show has something of a rhythm down, and the characters seem to finally be understanding who they are. Things are coming together, which is a good omen for future episodes. Also, certain character dynamics also seem clearly set up to continue to evolve. While Mark Carell and Dr. Mallory Malkovich basically have the Leslie Knope - Ron Swanson relationship of Space Force, other familiar dynamics begin to emerge as well. Jimmy O.

Yang who plays Dr. Chan and Tawny Newsome Angela show a really nice chemistry in the back end of the season that certainly bears further exploring. Diana Silvers, who plays Mark's daughter, Erin, showed a lot of talent in last year's Booksmart, so it'll be exciting to see how she continues to develop as well. Netflix hasn't made an official announcement of a renewal yet, but all signs would point toward yes. While the reviews for Space Force have been tepid at best, the streaming giant has simply invested too much into the show to pull the plug after one outing with middling returns.

Greg Daniels is a big deal showrunner, and getting Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, and the rest of this cast on board is obviously no easy feat. Frankly speaking, it would be a foolish decision if Netflix didn't give Space Force a chance to continue to grow and become a great show—especially seeing how The Office and Parks and Recreation did exactly that after their own middling first seasons.

Carell—who not only stars in the show but is listed as a co-creator—made a few references to a potential second season in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. Upon being asked about the similarities with the real Space Force and whether plotlines would intertwine at all with anything happening in the real world you know, with the whole global pandemic thinghe played pretty coy.

Carell revealed something else he's thinking about heading into a second season, too—which song Mark might break into next as a moment of stress relief. Remember, he gave a dynamic lipsync of "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys in the very first episode.By Joe Otterson.

‘Space Force’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

Production on Season 2 is currently slated to begin in Vancouver in Naird Steve Carellwho has dreamed of running the Air Force, but instead finds himself tasked with leading the newly formed Space Force. Daniels also serves as co-showrunner alongside fellow executive producer Norm Hiscock. Howard Klein of 3 Arts also executive produces.

The show was ordered straight to series last year. The announcement came shortly after Trump directed the Pentagon to create the so-called Space Force. In Decemberhe signed an order for the Pentagon to create the Space Command, seen as the first step in establishing a Space Force that would fall under the purview of the U. Air Force.

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space force season 2 air date

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